October 28, 2010: Sires and Schillari Event

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March 31, 2010: City Bistro Fundraiser

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On March 31sth the Hoboken Democratic Party will be hosting a fundraiser at City Bistro from 6-9 PM.

Special Meeting Called August 10th at 8PM

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By unanimous vote the Executive Committee of the Hoboken Democratic Party calls on Mayor Peter Cammarano to resign for the good of the Democratic Party, and the good of the people of Hoboken whom Mayor Cammarano has sworn to serve. 
A Special Meeting of the Hoboken Democratic Party will be held on Monday, August 10, 2009 at 8:00 p.m. at Willie McBride's, 616 Grand Street, for the sole purpose of adopting a formal resolution calling for the immediate resignation of Mayor Peter Cammarano. If Mayor Cammarano resigns before August 10, 2009 at 8:00 p.m., this meeting will be cancelled.
Chairman                                Ruben Ramos
First Vice Chair                       Ann Graham
Second Vice Chair                   Phil Cohen
Third Vice Chair                       John Castellano
Treasurer                                Gary Holtzman
Recording Secretary                George Ortiz
Corresponding Secretary          Theresa Burns
Sergeant at Arms                    Brian Assadourian

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Reorganization Meeting

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Date: Monday June 8th at 8PM (sign in at 7:45PM)
Location: Elysian Cafe at 10th and Washington St.
Agenda attached below.

Hoboken Democrats Make History

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HOBOKEN, New Jersey – February 17 – The members of the Hoboken Democratic Committee (HDC) have achieved two remarkable feats in the past few months: they generated a record-breaking 17,051 Democratic votes in the mile-square city on November 4th, an election-day turnout second only to Jersey City in Hudson County, and they voted unanimously to adopt the committee's first-ever bylaws on January 15th. 
"The turnout that we organized through our grassroots supporters was a real victory for the Democratic Party in Hoboken," said Ann Graham, Vice Chair of the HDC, adding,  "The adoption of our bylaws was another victory, representing real change in how we operate as a political party."  Graham stressed the fact that the bylaws prohibit the HDC from contributing money to candidates in local non-partisan races, such as for mayor, board of education and city council, which is a sharp departure from past practices.  In addition, officers of the HDC are prohibited from supporting, in their official capacity, individual candidates in local non-partisan races. 
Phil Cohen, the Chair of the Bylaws Subcommittee and Second Vice Chair of the HDC stated, "It is exciting that after two years of hard work, the Party has come together to unanimously pass a set of by-laws to govern our actions.  This much-needed reform will make the Hoboken Democratic Party a more transparent and effective organization."
Cohen pointed out that under the newly enacted bylaws, all fund-raising and disbursements will be handled in a democratic process by the Executive Committee and Finance Subcommittee, not just the chair and treasurer, and that the Party will focus its efforts on supporting Democratic candidates for state or federal office.  According to HDC Chairman Jeff Barnes, "the fundamental reforms articulated in the bylaws allow the Hoboken Democratic Committee to focus on what it should—promoting Democratic candidates in partisan races, just as we did so successfully in November."
According to Barnes, the success in turning out 17,051 Democratic votes in Hoboken in November (compared to 13,436 in 2004) was partly the result of "a whole new way of campaigning in Hoboken," built around the Obama campaign's mantra of empowering volunteer leaders. "I cut my teeth on the presidential primary as Hudson County co-chair of NJ for Obama, a grassroots, volunteer organization," said Barnes. "We carried that model right through the general election, with Jen Riggins, our local volunteer leader, occupying a place of honor in the headquarters, alongside paid Obama and Lautenberg campaign staffers and local Democratic elected officials."
Barnes sees the recently adopted bylaws and the committee's new style of general election campaign as part of a trend: "The process of adopting bylaws has been two years in the making, but I'd like to think it's no coincidence we successfully concluded the process during the time of Obama's election, with his emphasis on openness and accountability."
The Bylaws Subcommittee, headed by Cohen, was described by Barnes as "a real cross-section of the Hoboken Democratic Party."  The members included Ravi Bhalla, Gary Holtzman, Ernie Marmer, George Ortiz, Michele Russo, Bruce Padula as legal counsel, and Barnes as an ex-officio member. "It was a very professional process," said Barnes.
The By-Laws can be found on the HDC's new website,, created by committeeman Jason Maurer. The website also features news items related to the recent election and the HDC's current activities as well as announcements of upcoming events.
Contacts: Jeff Barnes, HDC Chair
Cell: 617-947-7199,
Ann Graham, HDC Vice Chair
Cell: 201-424-0485,
Phil Cohen, HDC Second Vice Chair and Bylaws Subcommittee Chair
Cell: 201-705-6357,

Obama wins election, Hoboken Dems go nuts

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Hoboken volunteers work hard for months and get results. 

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